An Amazing Stay at the Des Lux Hotel in Des Moines

During our recent trip to Des Moines to visit the newly-built Lauridsen Skatepark, we stumbled upon the Des Lux Hotel located in downtown Des Moines as we searched for a place to stay. After only a brief glance at its listing, we were immediately drawn to its unique charm and luxurious amenities. Although there were other hotels closer to the skatepark, the Des Lux Hotel’s prime location was only a few minutes away, and it seemed like the most impressive option for us. We were determined to make our first visit to Des Moines a memorable one, and we believed the Des Lux Hotel had the “wow factor” necessary to create unforgettable memories.

Checking in to the Des Lux Hotel

Des Lux Hotel Lobby
Des Lux Hotel Lobby

The success of a hotel’s check-in process is often a critical factor in determining guests’ satisfaction. However, the check-in experience is not limited to the front counter; it commences from the moment a guest steps through the hotel’s front door. At the Des Lux Hotel, as we took our initial steps into the establishment, we immediately sensed that we were entering into something extraordinary. Even the front door itself contributed to this impression. As we walked into the dimly lit lobby, the creaking sound of the door’s closure evoked an unexpected spooky feeling. It wasn’t a negative sensation, but one that put a smile on our faces each time we heard it. We cannot confirm if the door’s creak is intentional, but we implore the Des Lux Hotel management not to remedy it, should they come across this feedback.

Upon entering the lobby of the hotel, we were greeted with a combination of dark wood, deep blue walls, and distinctive accent pieces that further enhanced the hotel’s appeal. Despite the dim lighting, the overall atmosphere was perfectly in sync with the lobby’s decor. Our positive impression of the hotel did not end there. The front desk staff was genuinely delighted to welcome us, which was a refreshing change from some hotels where the staff appears to be going through the motions of checking guests in. At the Des Lux Hotel, the staff was happy to answer any questions we had and ensure that our stay started on the right foot. As they say, first impressions are critical, and the Des Lux Hotel certainly made a favorable one.

Our Des Lux Hotel Room

Des Lux Hotel Room
Des Lux Hotel Room

The Des Lux Hotel’s distinct charm extended beyond its lobby and was reflected in the decor and furnishings of our room, setting it apart from other hotels. What’s more, the size of our room was surprisingly larger than the average hotel room, and we were pleased to discover that it was not an upgraded accommodation but rather a standard room offering. Remarkably, the rate for our stay at the Des Lux Hotel was lower than that of a recent luxury (but much smaller) high-rise hotel stay in Chicago, despite the lavishness and spaciousness of our room. As we compared the Des Lux Hotel’s rates to some interstate hotels during our month-long trip, we found ourselves paying more per night at the latter than we did for our luxurious stay in downtown Des Moines.

Des Lux Hotel Bed
Hendrix Enjoying the Comfy Des Lux Bed

Our room at the Des Lux Hotel had several seating areas, a cozy fireplace, a bar area equipped with a sink, and most importantly, extremely comfortable beds. The room exuded a luxurious ambiance, but its unique decor did not create an air of pretentiousness or stuffiness. Instead, we experienced a level of comfort that made us eager to return to our room time and again. Such accommodations were precisely what we sought during our travels – distinctively designed rooms that break away from the monotony of standard hotel rooms. Our stay at the Des Lux Hotel made us feel like we were staying in a deluxe suite.

In addition, our room at the Des Lux Hotel boasted a spacious, private bathroom complete with a dual vanity and designer toiletries that matched the overall style and decor of the room. The quality of the designer toiletries surpassed those we’ve encountered at other hotels during our recent travels. Although we typically bring our own health and beauty products, the amenities provided by the Des Lux Hotel were a delightful surprise.

Des Lux Hotel Room Lamp
Loved This Floor Lamp

While some may be bothered by an interior room, we had no such qualms during our stay at the Des Lux Hotel. Our room overlooked the atrium of the Presidential Suite rather than an external view. This arrangement may not be ideal for everyone, but we found it perfectly acceptable, and the view of the atrium was quite impressive. It should be noted that multiple rooms overlook this space, so discretion is advised. We even had the privilege of touring the Presidential Suite, which included a separate bedroom, a large living room, a foyer, and a stunning bathroom. The privacy afforded by the suite beyond the atrium was exceptional, and we were left in awe of the space. It is now on our bucket list for our next visit to the hotel. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to tour such an incredible room.

Presidential Suite Atrium
Presidential Suite Atrium

Des Lux Hotel Amenities

Des Lux Bar Lemonade
After Skate Session Lemonade

The Des Lux Hotel offers a range of amenities including a fitness center, bar, and breakfast room. While we didn’t work out much during our stay, we were impressed by the fitness center, which spans over 6,000 sq. ft. and features state-of-the-art equipment. On the other hand, we did take advantage of the bar and breakfast area. The continental breakfast included with our stay exceeded our expectations. The breakfast room’s design perfectly matched the hotel’s overall aesthetic, and the food they served was excellent. In addition to the hot breakfast options such as cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon, there were plenty of other choices available including yogurts, breakfast bars, fresh fruits, cereals, and a variety of beverages. Overall, we were very pleased with our breakfast experience at the Des Lux Hotel.

Des Lux Hotel Bar
Des Lux Hotel Bar

The theme of the Des Lux Hotel is reflected in the design of the bar, which we found to be a pleasant spot to unwind. While we would have appreciated draft beers, they did offer an excellent selection of bottled local brews. After a busy day skating and exploring Des Moines, it was the perfect spot to enjoy a drink. In fact, we liked it so much that we wish there was a similar bar closer to our home.

The Des Lux Hotel provides a complimentary airport shuttle service to and from Des Moines International Airport, which is a convenient option for travelers. Although we drove on this trip, it’s always good to know that there’s a shuttle service available for future visits. If you’re driving, there are several good parking options nearby, including a parking garage across the street that charged us no more than $10 per day. We found the garage to be secure and had no issues with it. Additionally, street parking is available just outside the hotel. While their valet parking service was suspended during our trip, it has been an option in the past.

Des Lux Hotel Final Impression

Rewritten: By this point, it may not come as a surprise that we think the Des Lux Hotel is a five-star establishment located in a fantastic part of downtown Des Moines. We loved that it was within walking distance of excellent dining options and, most importantly for us, the Lauridsen Skatepark. Moreover, the hotel itself was an exceptional place to stay with a wonderful room, exceptional staff, and decor that was nothing short of stunning. The Des Lux offered a distinctive take on luxury that will remain with us for a long time to come.

“We were truly disappointed to leave the Des Lux Hotel, as we couldn’t find a single fault with our experience. In fact, we’re already planning our next trip to Des Moines and we’ll definitely be booking a room at the Des Lux again. We highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a top-notch stay in the area. We found the best rate for our stay on, and we even earned two reward stamps towards our next visit. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay at this fantastic hotel – book your room today!”

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