What is the Best Skateboard Helmet?

Best Skateboard Helmet

If you’re researching the best skateboard helmet, stop wasting time on review sites that list multiple helmets. Honestly, these sites don’t really care what you buy. Are you searching for a kids skateboard helmet and finding review sites listing 15 different brands? Have you even heard of more than three of them? The reason you’ve never heard of these brands is because you shouldn’t be trusting your safety with them. We’re here to help you buy the best skate helmet, and with our experience, we believe it’s made by S1 Helmets.

Why Does S1 Helmets Make the Best Skateboard Helmet?

S1 Helmets focuses on one primary skateboard helmet design: the S1 Lifer Helmet. This focus on a single, perfected design is a major reason why we believe they produce the best skate helmet. Unlike other brands that offer various models at different price points, S1 is dedicated to one superior product. Think about it—do you really want to choose your kid’s skateboard helmet based on it being the cheapest option available? What compromises in safety might those cheaper helmets entail?

S1 Helmet White
Addison rocking her white S1 helmet

When brands offer lower-priced models, they’re often cutting corners in areas that matter most, like safety performance and material quality. S1 Helmets, on the other hand, are priced competitively while maintaining the highest standards of protection. The S1 Lifer Helmet is designed with EPS Fusion Foam, providing five times more protection than the soft foam found in many budget helmets.

Additionally, S1 Helmets come in a variety of colors and graphics, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. You’re paying a reasonable price for a helmet that offers unparalleled protection, something many other skateboard helmet brands can’t match. With S1, you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that the helmet on your or your child’s head is designed to provide maximum safety and durability.

What Makes S1 Helmets Safer?

Is it all in the foam? Absolutely. The type of foam used in a skateboard helmet makes a huge difference in the level of protection it provides. Most cheap skateboard helmets rely on soft foam for “protection,” but this is far from adequate. Soft foam helmets often fail both the ASTM multiple impact test and the CPSC high impact test, meaning they don’t offer reliable protection in real-world scenarios.

In contrast, the S1 Lifer Helmet uses EPS Fusion Foam, which is five times stronger than the soft foam found in cheaper helmets. This high-quality foam significantly enhances the helmet’s ability to absorb impacts, providing superior protection. S1 Helmets have passed both the ASTM and CPSC tests, ensuring they meet rigorous safety standards. If you ever plan on sending your kid to a place like Woodward Skate Camp, these certifications are a requirement for your child’s helmet. Show up with a low quality helmet at Woodward and your kid will be missing camp until you buy a high quality helmet like an S1.

Woodward West – The Time We Left Our Kid There

When you choose an S1 Lifer Helmet, you’re not just getting a stylish piece of gear; you’re investing in a helmet that has been meticulously designed to offer the best possible protection. The use of EPS Fusion Foam sets S1 apart from many other brands, making it a safer choice for skaters of all ages.

Does Your Skateboard Helmet Fit Matter?

S1 Helmets Sizing Chart

The fit of your new helmet makes all the difference when it comes to providing effective skateboard protection. This is where the S1 Lifer Helmet excels. To ensure a perfect fit, the S1 Lifer comes in three different shell sizes: Mini Lifer, Lifer, and Mega Lifer. Selecting the right shell size for your head is straightforward if you follow the provided sizing chart.

S1 takes helmet fit seriously, which is why they offer different sizing liners for each shell size. These liners allow you to achieve the perfect fit, ensuring maximum protection and comfort, regardless of your head size. This feature is especially beneficial for kids’ skateboard helmets. If your young skater experiences a growth spurt, you can simply swap out the liner to maintain the proper fit and continue providing the same high level of protection.

S1 Helmets Liner Sizes

A well-fitting helmet is crucial for safety, and S1 Helmets makes it easy to get that perfect fit. With the right size and adjustable liners, you can be confident that your helmet will stay securely in place, offering reliable protection every time you skate.

What More Can We Say?

We are an S1 Helmets family through and through. If you follow our daughter Addison on Instagram (@Addisonboards), you’ll see her rocking her S1 Lifer in just about every post. It’s a testament to how much we trust and love these helmets. When it comes to finding cool skateboard helmets that provide maximum protection, S1 is the clear choice.

The fit is perfect, thanks to the different shell sizes and adjustable liners. The protection is unparalleled, with EPS Fusion Foam and certifications for both ASTM and CPSC safety standards. And let’s not forget the style – S1 Helmets come in a variety of colors and graphics that look great on everyone.

For us, S1 Helmets are the best skateboard helmets out there. They offer the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and style. If you’re serious about skateboarding and want the best protection for yourself or your kids, you can’t go wrong with an S1 Helmet.

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